Mount Chapin, Rocky Mountain National Park

Our first and only venture this year (unfortunately) in the Mummy Mountain Range. We were actually trying to summit Mount Chiquita as well, but with the weather looking how it did and how tired our legs felt, we settled for our first 12er. At 12,454 ft, we were still impressed we made it to the summit. Next time we get a chance, we’ll attempt the whole CCY, (Chapin, Chiquita, Ypsilon). The road the trailhead is off of, Old Fall River Road, closes on Monday, 10/7/19, until the snow clears next summer. Unless you decide to hike the 8ish miles on the road to the trailhead and the 8 miles back.

We decided to take the lower (left) route both ways, but next time we’ll see if the right path is easier
The ridge in the distance is where Trail Ridge Road is located, along the top
View from Mount Chapin’s summit
The top of Mount Chiquita. Next time we’ll be there, on a day with better weather I hope.

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