Arthur’s Rock Trail, Charles A. Lory State Park

This hike really surprised me. I had no idea how beautiful this trail would be. I’m not just talking about the amazing view at the top that shows most of Horsetooth Reservoir along with the front range of course. The entire way up I would look back to the spectacular view laying behind me.

Starting off at sunrise was a great choice. We arrived at the trailhead right at 6:30am when the sun woke up, although we did bring headlamps just incase. The sunrise was beautiful, like it normally is here in Colorado. As we walked on the trail through a field, I turned and stood in awe of how beautiful this scenery was, the way the light lit up the golden grass. This was by far the most photogenic trail for me, but don’t get me wrong, each trail I’ve been on has it’s own unique beauty.

Arthur’s Rock from below
Before we bought trekking poles, walking sticks left at the trailhead were a nice substitute
Horsetooth Reservoir from Arthur’s Rock
Me, Dusky, on top of Arthur’s Rock


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