Starting Small

Not exactly resembling the picture of an active lifestyle, or a very healthy one for that matter, we couldn’t just jump into hiking mountains, we had to start small.

When I was 10, my dad promised me we’d climb a mountain. It took 14 years, but he finally kept his promise. This is a blog for showing you the beauty of having hiking as a hobby and that it not only helps connect you with your family and loved ones, but helps heal your soul. The only time I truly feel free is on a hike, surrounded by nature.

Lon Hagler Reservoir, Loveland, CO

We started off with flat hikes, just adjusting to the activity, while also beginning to collect gear. Before our first mountain we made sure to have trekking poles, a camel bag, and a first aid kit. That was the main items on our list but we also wanted tick spray, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, hiking boots, a knife, compass, battery pack, headlamps, and fanny packs. Never thought I’d voluntarily wear a fanny pack, but, now it’s a must on my hikes. The snack accessibility is fantastic.


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